Protection Services

ICARIS has a qualified GDPR practitioner who can provide assistance on all data protection matters, from full Data Protection Officer roles to auditing policies and procedures. We also offer full penetration testing and security testing of your systems to ensure compliance. 

If you collect it ,protect it

Data Protection Compliance


Ensuring that your organisation is compliant with the UK Data Protection Act (2018) and ensuring that this compliance is continued year on year is UK Law. You must comply with the regulations or face enormous fines from the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). ICARIS can help you ensure that you are compliant year on year with audits, policy reviews, training, and guidance on subject access requests and data breaches.



The security of your systems is extremely important, not only for Data Protection compliance but to protect yourself from intruders and from data breaches. We can provide regular penetration tests to ensure that your systems are secure and audit equipment and ensure access to sensitive data is secure. 


IT & Data Protection Policies

Implementing policies and procedures to ensure compliance is a very important aspect of compliance. ICARIS can ensure that your policies and procedures meet this compliance. From the initial investigation, through to audits, annual reviews, and implementation of new policies to training staff, we can handle the complete lifecycle, year on year.


Virtual Data Protection Officer

Don't have the expertise to employ a Data Protection Officer? Let us take on the role. Implement the policies, provide the training, handle the subject access requests and data breach recording. Our virtual DPO product will ensure your compliance with Uk data protection laws. Using our unique online reporting tool for all data recording. An independent advisor to your board.

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