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Full Caller Lifecycle Management

Encompassing the full caller lifecycle, keep track of your callers with full caller history, in call note generation, and previous call history enabling all operators to build a profile of callers quickly and easily.


Handling over 1 million callers and over 10 million questions daily.

Call Center Headset

Customisable Questions

Questionnaires can be created/amended at any time:

- Different questions per caller type

- Mandatory questions

- Multiple answers

- Configurable feedback questions

- Caller relationships

Call Center

Operator Help

Each question has operator help. This is essential for new users and to aid caller management.

Operator help is displayed during the call. Full directory listings to provide signposting to the caller, quickly and easily.

Stock Data

Interactive Dashboards

Interactive dashboards allow you to see at the touch of a button the current call volumes.


Receive updates on caller trends, voicemail and call trend analysis.

Image by Myriam Jessier

Reporting Engine

Full analysis of callers, questions, feedback and call breakdown.

Built-in Report writer for bespoke report design.

Millions of calls and 10 million questions asked.

Millions of calls have been processed through ENQUIRease, with millions of questions logged and people helped with their issues.

Ensuring that a response to a call can be handled 24/7 is something that is extremely important. Without the confidence of systems to be available, our service would not be able to respond to crisis situations.

Susan Musselwhite


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