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Experienced consultants

At ICARIS we have experienced consultants who have implemented hundreds of solutions, we have advised on implementations, designed websites and provided audits.

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Consultancy Services

ICARIS cloud-based solutions are used by organisations across the UK and accessed from across the world. Hosted in UK data centres, our solutions are developed in-house and can be tailored to meet the exact requirements of a client. Click on an icon for further details.

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ITT Preparation and Management

If you are considering a new implementation or changes to your current system, we can help with the process. Analysis of your requirements, preparation of Invitation to Tenders, liaising with suppliers, and ensuring that you implement the correct solution.

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Implementation Services

Full Project Management of your implementation, liaison with suppliers, project plans, and coordination of systems and people to ensure that your implementation is delivered on time, within budget, and meets the exact requirements of your organisation.

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Current System Analysis

A full audit of your current systems to ensure that they are still fit for purpose, meet compliance laws and continue to meet the needs of your organisation. Identifying any gaps, issues and new requirements that may be required.

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Infastructure Analysis

Full analysis of your current infrastructure, including home working, VPN's, access to cloud-based systems, current hardware, current software, policies, and procedures. Ensure your compliance with Cyber Essentials.

Let us help you implement the correct solution to meet your exact requirements

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