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Our unique 11 step program for Managers, Staff, and students is available in multiple formats.

You can study at your own pace via our book, or book one-to-one training for your employees or students. 

A full-day training and introducing the steps is the most cost-effective way to ensure that your employees are at their most productive, communicate with each other and that their health and wellbeing is catered for.

An employee or student who is overworked, tired, and feels undervalued is a non-productive employee. 

Transform your organisation.

Change your life today. Take the 11 step challenge.


Utilising the 11 steps in Halt2Proceed will change how you look at your life.


Analysing your work-life balance and providing techniques to change how you prepare and organise your life.

Participants of the program have made simple, subtle changes to their everyday lives, which has led to more productivity and more time.

We all need to Halt, take stock of our lives, and then Proceed forward.


Our Story

Halt2Proceed was developed after many years by our founder Alan Owen. His experiences, drive, passion, and desire to help others led to the creation of the course.

Delivering positive change to everyone, the course is packed with practical tips, useful skills, allowing people to gain a positive mindset and a desire to put their knowledge into action.

Our unique Halt2Proceed program will transform the way your staff, students and volunteers interact with each other. By introducing a 'Thinking Atmosphere' across your workforce.

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Download the Book

Available as a paperback (£4.99), Kindle e-book, or as an audio book on Audible. Immerse yourself in the 11 steps, use the skills to change and transform your life. 


Online Course

You can sign up for free and take the online course today. Study at your own pace on any internet enabled device. (Includes Bonus Steps)


On-site Course

If you would like us to visit your premises and teach the course to your employees or students, we will provide tailored one-day courses or two-hour lectures. Engage your employees, teach them new skills to enhance productivity.

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