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CRM / Fundraising

Encompassing the full supporter lifecycle, keep track of supporters, donors, volunteers, members, and legators.

Upload supporting documentation (such as Gift Aid forms) and store them electronically.


Full donation history per supporter allows targeting of specific sets of supporters.



Supporter Communication

Full beneficiary management:

- Main details

- Employment details

- Visits / Reviews

- Family details

- Health and wellbeing

- Application history

- Grant history 

- Full communication suite

Conference Event

Event Management

Integrate Jotform applications directly using our Jotform API.

- Design your form on Jotform

- Link it to BENEFICIARease using our easy to use API

- Download applications directly into ICARIS

- Auto-create / de-duplication of beneficiaries

- Link application to beneficiaries for easy viewing

- One-click of a button to download applications

Team Meeting

Volunteer Management

ICARIS Payment engine allows you to process regular and one-off grants, with multiple payments, scheduled grants, and emergency grants.

Produce cheques directly from the system, output to BACS and produce export files for Accounting systems so that no rekeying of information is required.

Team Task

Task Management

Full Volunteer management:

- Volunteer progress recording

- Tasks assigned

- Hours worked

- Courses undertaken

- Emergency Communication

- Assignment of caseworkers to beneficiaries

- Telephone befriending

- Volunteer assessments

Millions of pounds in donations have been processed through CHARITease

CHARITease manages over 500,000 supporters, processing millions of pounds of donations.

CHARITease manages our entire membership and CRM functions, enabling us to easily produce our quarterly magazine and record custom fields relating to our needs. An easy to use, reliable system which has proven to be invaluable to our organisation.

Susan Musselwhite


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