Encompassing the full supporter lifecycle, keep track of supporters, donors, volunteers, members, and legators. CHARITease manages over 500,000 supporters, processing millions of pounds of donations.


Full Supporter Management

Upload supporting documentation (such as Gift Aid forms) and store them electronically.


Full donation history per supporter allows targeting of specific sets of supporters.

Supporter Communication

Full communication suite. Keep in constant contact with your supporters. Functions include:

- Letters 

- Emails


- Standard templates

- Mass mailings based on selection criteria


Task Management

Task management throughout the system allows for individuals and departments to schedule tasks for any aspect of animal welfare.


The in-built workflow manager automates processes allowing you to concentrate on the welfare of the animals and provides communications to supporters based on user-defined criteria.

Interactive Dashboards

Interactive dashboards allow you to see at the touch of a button the animals in your shelter.


Receive updates on financial transactions, appointments and assessments.

Receipting Engine

Full back-end analysis of transactions, Gift Aid management including direct submission to HMRC via our accreditated module. Links to Accounts packages to prevent re-keying.

Event Management

Full event management:

- Attendees

- Supporters

- Costs

- Communications

- Prizes

Volunteer Management

Full Volunteer management:

- Volunteer progress recording

- Tasks assigned

- Hours worked

- Courses undertaken

- Emergency Communication