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Truth and Lies - Which path to take?

There are many reasons people lie. They spread lies and hatred about you. The main reasons for the lies are:

Fear, Vanity, Greed and Hatred.

These four aspects are usually down to the inadequacies of the person who is spreading the lies.

We have all experienced someone lying about us, spreading rumours, telling untruths. This may have been at school or at work or amongst friends. But why do we lie? What leads us to telling lies and deliberately hurting people?

Lies usually are used to protect yourself from punishment or to cover up a misdemeanour that we have undertaken, we blame some one else for our shortcomings. As a child, the fear factor kicks in 'I didn't do it. Wasn't me' is a common response when asked if you were challenged by your parents, as you didn't want to get into trouble.

Criminals will lie to cover their tracks, they do not want to get caught, they will lie to have people removed from situations when they are too close to the truth. These lies often unravel over time as more people investigate the truth.

When you first meet someone, be it as a friendship or in a professional capacity, you do not really know them. You may think that they are a nice person, very sociable, but you do not know their past or what they are thinking about you. They maybe manipulating you, they maybe genuine, or they maybe not.

People spread lies to justify their position, they may have taken up a role where their predecessor was successful and they are struggling with the role, so they decide to spread lies and rumours about them to try and discredit them. This is a dangerous path to take as many people will not support this and will inform their predecessor of the lies.

If you need help in a role from a person who has held that role, ask them, that is not a failure, do not accuse them of wrongdoing, spread lies about them and talk about them to other people, just ask them for help.

Interacting and working with people can be challenging, we never really know the person, what they are really thinking and how they will react when put in certain situations. People will tell lies, people get angry and the situation often erupts to the determent of the relationship. Ridiculing people, making fun of them is often done out of jealousy.

If we talked more, communicated our feelings face to face, rather than via email or messenger, things would be different. Reading body language and how people react can lead to different decisions being made, different outcomes.

If you are successful, people will hate you, people will be jealous, people will spread lies and rumours about you. Celebrities, politicians and billionaires have all had stories made up about them, usually by jealous people who felt excluded. But does this justify lying?

As soon as you find out that someone is spreading rumours or lying about you, you get angry, you want to find out why and challenge that person. You feel hurt, but are they worth it? Is it worth the effort, when the people that really matter know that it is a lie?

We will all experience lies and hatred, usually out of jealousy. As once told to me whilst in the USA when a fake news article was created about me, 'You must be doing something right for them to go to that much trouble'. That person was right, they were so jealous of the success of a team that I was heading up, that they made a fake publication to try and discredit me and certain members of the team. It didn't work and backfired on them in spectacular fashion.

We have all been lied to. In my role as founder of LABRATS, I have been lied to by the UK government, we know that they have hundreds of thousands of documents relating to the British Nuclear Test program which contain evidence of the exposure and experimentation on servicemen, yet they still deny any responsibility for their actions. This is a denial of the truth.

Lies and rumours lead to problems, be careful who you tell the lies to, they may know more than you think and ask yourself this one question before telling a lie to someone 'Will they keep it to themselves, or will they disclose the lie and discredit me. Can I trust them?'

Remember that people talk to other people all of the time, you do not know the network of people that they are involved with, rumours spread like wildfire.

So the next time you think of telling a lie about someone, think of them, think of their mental health, how it will effect them, how it will make them feel. Instead of making up stories to justify your position or spreading rumours to try and discredit them, talk to them, discuss it with them, you maybe surprised at their reaction.

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