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The Halt 2 Proceed Steps

The Halt 2 Proceed is based on 11 Steps which allow you to re-align your time and work in a more productive way. It allows you to analyse your current tasks, look at the positives and negatives and how you can with small changes, make a positive impact on your life.

Everyone leads a busy life; there are pressures everywhere. Our world is a very noisy place with many distractions. Everything is instant, on-demand; society expects instant communication.

It is almost impossible to escape in this 21st century on-demand society, with breaking news, social media, emails and the requirement to react instantly to situations all part of our world. Switching off and ignoring emails or messages from work when you are at home is very difficult.

The 11 Steps in the program are:

Hearsay - Too Much Noise

When was the last time you listened to hearsay? What did you do with the information? How did you act upon it? Would you say it was the correct decision?

Assumptions – Why Do We Assume?

We all make assumptions, and many assumptions lead us to bad decisions. The worst assumptions are those made regarding people.

Listen – Do We Do Enough?

Our mind is always thinking, processing information coming from all around our body. Listening is just one job it does. We use a unique combination of our senses when we listen. We use our sight, our hearing and our sense of smell.

Think – Do We Overthink?

As well as listening, we think constantly. Our mind does not switch off. Our body is a machine and our mind controls every aspect of our being. We think about situations and we make assumptions. Sometimes overthinking can be our downfall, but when should we think and when is it time to stop?

Preparation - Are You Prepared?

Preparation is key to ensuring any situation can be handled correctly. It is not just self-preparation; team preparation is often overlooked.

Research - Have You Researched Enough?

Research is the most important aspect of preparation. We all perform research every day, mostly financial research. When we receive our car insurance renewal, we research for the best price.

Organisation - Are You Organised?

When did you last attend a meeting where you were fully organised? We have all attended meetings where we are not organised, did not have the correct documentation, hadn’t looked at the required papers.

Courage - Do You Have the Courage?

Courage – the courage to stand up in front of a room full of people and present – is not something we all have. It is something I hear all the time: “I do not have the courage, I don’t know how you do it.”

Energy - Do You Have the Energy?

The 21st century world is an extremely busy place. On-demand services play a major part in our day to day lives. Pressures of work and family life all drain our energy. How many times have you arrived home from work exhausted, only to find more jobs requiring your attention?

Enthusiasm - Do You Have Enthusiasm?

Enthusiasm for a job is something most of us have. Some of us enjoy our work and are enthusiastic about the tasks we undertake. But we all face tasks where we are not enthusiastic. It may be the task seems beyond our capability, or it is a monotonous task that seems boring.

Dedication - How Much Dedication is Needed?

Dedication to a cause is very personal. Some people have an interest in their work, others do not. On a course for not-for-profit organisations, many of the attendees had either set up their organisation or had a personal experience that led them to support the organisation. Others, however, were working for the organisation and using it as a career path. All were equally dedicated to their tasks.

Let Halt 2 Proceed change your life, you can purchase the book in paperback and kindle versions using this link:

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