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Lock-down Blues - Anxiety, Anger & Madness

The message we keep hearing from the UK Government is that they are doing a good job. The statistics prove that they are the worst in Europe. Stories released in the press to hide the truth from the UK people. We need to remember the people of this great country.

  • In the headlines today, we learn that 400,000 gowns flown in from Turkey are not fit for purpose and failed the NHS standards test.

  • The NHS App is failing security checks, with concerns over data mining.

  • The Limited Company Directors who pay themselves with dividends now find out that if they were a government supplier, they would get a grant.

  • Employees who missed the furlough cut off date excluded.

  • Matt Hancock telling a doctor in parliament to 'mind her tone'.

  • Manipulation of test figures to meet a 'target', then fails to meet the target day after day.

  • The government scientist who visited his married lover, breaking lock-down rules.

  • The press briefings, clearly manipulated, speeding through the slides, glossing over the figures.

  • The Nightingale hospitals standing empty, whilst people are dying in care homes.

  • Contracts given to friends and families with no tender process.

  • No parliamentary discussions on proposals to ease lock-down.

The list grows every day, and with it the pressure that the people in the UK are feeling. Self-isolation can be a dark place for many people in the country, the issues facing everyone are different, but the stark reality is that the UK is not handling the situation well enough.

We all listen to the press conferences, see the new cases of infection, the death toll now over 30,000 and the new initiatives from the government, who insist in telling us how well they are doing.For instance, how well the loan scheme is working. Businesses need help, not debt. People need to know where the money is coming from to pay their bills and feed their families. (

Domestic Abuse is at record high levels, with the National Domestic Abuse Helpline recording massive increases in calls. Tension at home, especially with small children in confined spaces will lead to stress, anxiety and depression.

Our key workers continue to go out to work everyday, the front-line workers who provide the care and the infrastructure to keep this country running. Everyone is in this together, but many are now feeling the strain and need help.

Many families have now lost loved ones, for many they could not be there by their side at the end, they die alone. How can we allow this? Journalists allowed in to film wards, but family members cannot be by their bedside.

We cannot go fishing, play golf or play other sports where social distancing is easily achievable, yet we can go to a DIY store? The overs 70's were told to isolate, yet many are very fit and healthy and healthier than some 40 and 50 yr olds.

Charities and organisations across the country are coming together to help, many organisations have been forgotten by the UK Government. One such appeal is the Covid-19 onevoice for Animals appeal:

They are trying to keep the animal shelters across the UK open during the crisis, these organisations are desperately important and they have been forgotten by the UK Government.

It is easy to say 'Keep Going', 'We are doing well', 'We must keep strong'. But what if you are not doing well, what if your finances are now at breaking point, the family is in meltdown, the key-workers are exhausted, the fear of the future is too much for many people.

The 'Same Storm, Different Boats' quote is one which many people will recognise, but during this pandemic it is very relevant. Everyone's circumstances are different, and we must acknowledge that people are struggling, financially, physically and mentally.

But we can help each other, look after your neighbours, your family and seek help, there are lots of organisations who can help you, contact your child's school, contact Charities who can help you through this crisis. Turn2us can help you (

The world will never be the same again, this pandemic has affected every human being on the planet in some way. Do not despair at things you cannot control, we all despair at the handling of the crisis by the UK Government, it has been shocking, but as human beings we can help each other. Speak to relatives, contact neighbours, ensure people are receiving the basic needs.

Speak to you financial providers, take payment holidays, use this time to be pro-active and seek grants and help. Do not be ashamed to ask for help, we all need help in our lives, be it financially, physically or mentally. Talking to someone who can help you through this crisis does work. Do not be afraid to ask.

For those that have lost loved ones, my deepest sympathy is with you, every loss is devastating to the families and friends. Every day, we lose more to this pandemic, everyday a family loses a loved one.

Please remember 'Be gentle with each other and more importantly be gentle with yourself'. Hug your loved ones today if you can, call any that you cannot. Discuss your problems with people who are there to help you. Many organisations across the country are performing great work, if you can help just one person, do it. You will never know the impact helping someone with their basic needs can have.

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