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Living with No Future - #ForgottenLtd

For millions of people, living with no future is becoming a reality during the Covid-19 pandemic.

These people are the Ltd Company Directors who have been left behind by the UK Government.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer - Rishi Sunak unveiled measures to help businesses who have been affected by the Coronavirus and many have received grants to help their businesses, but millions of people have been left with no help, despite being UK Taxpayers who have contributed billions to the economy. These people have no premises, but have small Ltd Companies, who pay themselves through dividends.

To stay motivated during the crisis is hard enough. But for those people who have seen their income drop to zero through no fault of their own and with no help, despite seeing other individuals receiving grants is leading to anger and an increase in anxiety and stress. Not knowing where the next meal is coming from, the mental health of these individuals is deteriorating rapidly.

These people are coming together on Social Media, under #ForgottenLtd, yesterday the hashtag trended number 1.

Motiv8andInspir8 always encourage people to remain positive and this group have come together to tell the UK Government that they need recognition, they are asking to be treated the same as Self Employed, through the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme.

The issue relates to Dividend Income and their Directorships, many people pay themselves through Dividends as their income is not regular and were required to setup Limited Companies in order to compete for contracts.

Rishi Sunak initially told this group that due to the Fraud element of a claim on dividends, it was not possible to help them.

The new loan scheme launches today, but these Directors do not want to take on more debt, they just want to be treated fairly.

These people are not criminals, they are UK Taxpayers, they pay tax on dividends, pay PAYE and pay Corporation Tax. Without these companies, millions of employees will lose their jobs. They want to help the economy, they want to work, they want to survive. They just need help to survive, when the crisis is over, they will return to work and pay their taxes.

These people are real people, they are the backbone of the UK economy.

Mel Stride (Chair, Treasury Committee) said in the Evening Standard on 01.05.2020

"The Treasury committee will continue to play its part in helping

Government to make them count"

For all of these people, many who have been in business for over 20 years, we encourage you to stay positive, the pressure is mounting, if you haven't already, join the campaign. Together you are a stronger voice.

If you are one of these people, you are not alone, you have been forgotten by the UK Government, but it cannot continue, support the campaign, write your story, speak to your MP, speak to the local press, use your contacts, the campaign needs to continue and needs your input. Talk to each other via Social Media and use the support network that #ForgottenLtd gives you.

If you need any support, email we will help you as much as we can, stay positive, your are not alone. Together we can get through this.

You are not Criminals, you are honest, hard working UK Taxpayers who deserve help!

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