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Growth- A Farmers Story

This is a story by Russell Brunson of a Farmer and the tale of two buckets. Read through until the end.

This story highlights that even though the bucket wasn't aware of it, he had helped them grow, he had helped. But the key part of the story is the fact that even though he was sad, the bucket decided to speak to the farmer.

There are always people to talk to in any situation, you are never alone. If you are feeling alone, that you cannot cope in a situation, or need help, please reach out, speak up. Many people and organisations will help you to cope and resolve situations.

You are your fiercest critic, the voice in your head, your feelings. Speak up, call out for help, you are never alone. Reach out to family, friends, or organisations, you always have options, you will just not be aware of it. You have influenced people throughout your life, you are just not aware of it.

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