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A New year Tribute - By Reesha Armstead

Life has never been easy for Reesha, yet her pure grit and determination to succeed at everything she does is inspirational. Most of her challenges have been overcoming the negative attitudes of others, but her 'can do' approach has proved many wrong, time and again.

Reesha is famous for her New Year's Rhyme. So as 2020 draws to a close, here is her latest rhyme.

It's been a tough year with Covid in our wake, But we need to stay positive for all of our sakes. There's been sanitising, distancing and the wearing of masks, Isolating, lockdowns, and finding new tasks To fill up the time that we all spend inside, Cooking and eating our wares with pride. Children at home and parents having to teach, Time to themselves being far out of reach. Those on the frontline working like crazy, Doing their best, no time to be lazy. The outdoors are now the new indoor space To walk miles and miles till you're red in the face! We all crave the pub or a nice restaurant meal, Celebrations on Zoom have become the real deal! But many have suffered with illness and pain, Loved ones have left us, time and again. We've all felt despair with hugs being missed, And when we can be together, they'll be top of the list. They New Year's upon us but what is in store? For now we can't do much, we're in Tier 4. There's hope that the vaccine will bring better things, But we'll just have to wait till the fat lady sings. In the meantime, be grateful that we are here still, Spread love and peace and do your good will, For 2021 is the tunnel that leads to the light, So a Happier New Year is now well in sight!

Happy New Year everyone, stay safe and healthy.

A big thank you to Reesha for allowing us to use this wonderful piece. You are an inspiration to us all.

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