Sancturease - Bespoke

Sancturease Bespoke from the ICARIS Group allows you to manage the complete life cycle of the animals within your shelter. From initial intake, assessments, appointments to rehoming and home checks. All aspects of your shelter are managed in one easy solution.

Identify supporters that visit the shelter, analyse their buying patterns using the shop sale function and send vouchers for sales or promotions.

With full website integration, animals can appear online in seconds to speed up rehoming. 

The module offers boarding and grooming management as well as full appointments for all aspects of your shelter to enable complete management at the touch of a button.

Task management throughout the system allows for individuals and departments to schedule tasks for any aspect of animal welfare.

The in built work flow manager automates processes allowing you to concentrate on the welfare of the animals and provides communications to supporters based on user defined criteria.

Keep track of volunteers and events, sending targeted mail shots to individuals and organisations.

Interactive dashboards provide up to the minute information on animals, transactions and stock.

Supporters are managed using our fundraising module which links seamlessly with Sancturease Bespoke to provide donation batching, gift aid and full CRM capabilities.

For a complete solution to manage your shelter look no further than ICARIS to manage all aspects of your day to day activities.