Salesforce Systems

ICARIS are a Salesforce partner, if you are considering implementing a Salesforce system, we can help you with the implementation. Providing tailoring, reports, dashboards, data transfers, and full Project management facilities. We can provide ongoing assistance to help your implementation run smoothly throughout its lifecycle.

Working Together on Project

Project Management

Full Project Management services to ensure that your Salesforce implementation is successful. We will ensure that any new system is implemented correctly, on-time, and within budget. Supplier liaison, cost management, and training.

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Our team of Salesforce-trained experts can provide bespoke tailoring to your Salesforce implementation, additions of fields of information, dropdowns, lookups, and verification. We can ensure that your Salesforce implementation matches your workflows.

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Our team of Salesforce-trained experts can build new reports, amend existing reports and provide you with a tailored suite of reports to meet your exact needs. Reporting on data should not be a complex issue, let your data work for you, information at the push of a button.

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User dashboards can be integrated into your Salesforce application, up to date, accurate information relating to your data, providing instant analysis of any aspect of your implementation, built and maintained by our experts.

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Data Transfer

If you are transferring data from an existing system into Salesforce, we will ensure the data complies with your data retention policies, is clean and matched to the new structure. Ensuring that you have the correct, clean data is extremely important to any new implementation.