Encompassing the full supporter lifecycle, keep track of supporters, donors, volunteers, members and legators. Upload supporting documentation (such as Gift Aid forms) and store them electronically. Full donation history per supporter allows targeting of specific sets of supporters.

Interactive dashboards and reports provide management reporting at the touch of a button. Integrate online forms into your website for real time supporter management.

Send emails and letters to any combination of supporters using built in HTML generators allowing full communication management. Send Gift Aid forms directly to HMRC using our accredited module with no upload of spreadsheets.

ICARIS CRM/Fundraising module manages over 500,000 supporters, processing millions of pounds of donations.

Full Supporter Lifecycle

  • Initial approach – donations – membership – legacy

  • Supporter relationships

Keep In Contact

  • Send e-mailshots directly from the module

  • Respond quickly to donors and members

  • Integrated PDF letter/report production

Receipting Engine

  • Quick batch processing of donations

  • Gift Aid submissions

Full Bespoke Service